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United States, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, India, United Kingdom, Zambia, Philippines, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Fiji, China, and Ukraine.


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Anyone wanting to order the book–Why Historical Phenomena Instigates Resistance to Female Clergy–it may be ordered through, Barnes & Noble Nook and


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I encourage you to not only post a comment on an article, but to offer suggestions, submit an experience, request a topic, etc. I am openminded but please avoid extremes. There will be numerous denominations posting and respect is due everyone. I post articles to give us something to discuss to get this site going.

I am going to tell you about a recent experience and give you a word of caution about webpages. Pages like FB, Google and others who offer you webpage are only renting a space to you. They can shut you down for no reason at all and you have no recourse and they have your work. I had a page on Google for two years and over 5100 hits. It was like this site. I have no idea why the site was omitted. The only thing I can come up with is someone made a complaint because there is a war against anything about Christianity; it could be that. The site had a large following in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. That door may be closed for now, but God has opened another one. Glory to God!