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New book

Judging others

Items of interest

Engaging God with all our Senses

Liminal Living

Meditation and Contemplation. . .

Radio Carbon Dating

Pure, Less Pure, and False Churches

Revisiting the Oldest Biblical Related Book: Enoch

Important for Women

Two Bethlehems in the Holy Land: Comment

Mary Magdalene was not a Prostitute

Scientific and Christian Viewpoints may appear at First to be Opposing

Magog is not Russia

Religion, Religious, Spiritual, and Philosophy

How the Sabbath was Changed to Sunday

Series on Bible Studies

A Study on Angels Part 1 of 3

A Study on Angels Part 2 of 3

A Study on Angels Part 3 of 3

A study on Noah and Sons

1. Noah Before and After the Flood

2. Japheth, son of Noah

3. Shem, son of Noah and his importance to us

4. Ham, son of Noah: More about Ham

Hebrew Literature

The Lord is “my shepherd, sovereign and salvation Metaphor”

More facts about Psalms

Subjective and non-subjective approach to expression

Parallelism A + B

Exegeting the Prophet Micah’s use of Hebrew poetry as a message

Miscellaneous Biblical Articles

Our Farther Who Art in Heaven

The Three Persons in the Trinity

Gentile Conversions

Making the Acquaintance of the Apostles

Knowing God by Revelation

Is There a Case for theology verses History?

Covenants: Unconditional/Conditional

Gnostism, Essenes, and Christianity

Exegetical Fallacies

Provocative Thoughts

Aliens, Giants, and Advanced Civilizations


Is the Bible More Than a Biblical tome?