Do You Believe That Time Is Linear Or Cyclical Or Something Else?

Is God linear or cyclical or something else? Time being cyclical or linear views depends somewhat on culture. Eastern cultures usually favor cyclical time, and Western cultures favor linear timelines. The argument for cyclical time says that seasons repeat, clocks travel a never-ending path round and round in 24-hour cycles, planets orbit in circles or ovals. Western cultures, such as the ancient Greeks, thought of time as traveling in a straight line which carries over to Christian theology with the Creation being the beginning and the second coming of Jesus as the end and a new Creation (renewal) of the world. Time is relative. Time past was relative when we or the ancients existed in that time, time present is tangible in that we exist now in this time, and time future is non-tangible because we are not there yet. Each second that passes becomes history and we cannot get time back.  “Then He said to me, “ . . . I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” Revelation 21:6. I believe linear time makes the better argument (Anonymous).