Provocative thoughts . .

Provocative thoughts . . .Abortions

Currently, there is quite a controversy about late-term abortions and for a good reason. No matter the decision to perform such an action, it is outright murder. I realize in some circumstances, an abortion may be necessary, but as a birth control method is going way too far. Some infants survive the abortion only to be killed by the doctor using surgical scissors to cut through the vertebrae at the base of the skull and death occurs. Another horrible procedure that is done earlier than late-term abortions is to dismember the infant (fully formed) while the child is in the womb. Infants (fetuses) hear noises and also react to pain. I leave it to you to imagine what that baby must experience being torn apart. Somewhere on the Web, there is a secretly filmed record of these procedures, based on an investigation. Now there is a movement to allow abortions right up the birth of the baby.

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