Magog is not Russia

Read Japheth: Son of Noah to learn who Magog really is: Mistranslation of Hebrew words are not uncommon in the Old Testament. There were different versions of this ancient language due to distance between tribes and therefore hard to get the translations always correct. It has taken centuries to get it right. It is still the Word of God; it’s the translators believing they are correct are the problems, but overall, they have done their best and modern technology and finding the Dead Sea Scrolls have helped immensely. Always check the notes in your Bibles for clarification. The Torah commentary has great notes and you do not have to be Jewish to appreciate them. The new King James version study Bible is another good source. The NIV is also good. I do not use the paraphrased Bibles at all and I never recommend them. SEE the series on Noah and sons on pages 11 and 12. You might find an ancestor. Many biblical scholars jumped to the conclusion that Rosh meant Russia. This was improper research and nowhere else is it used – trying to find similar words in English. In its proper Hebrew language “rosh” means first, primary, and prominent. Magog is the most prominent son of Japheth, Magog, Tubal, and Mechech were first to settle Turkey.

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